Oricon Weekly CD Singles 2012/02/05

It’s been a very interesting week for music in Japan. The top two spots were claimed by recently released singles. Links are attached. Without further ado, the chart for the week ending:
1. CNBLUE – Where you are
Where you are / CNBLUE
2. ClariS – ナイショの話
Naisho no Hanashi / ClariS
I totally recommend everyone support ClariS. These girls are fantastic!
3. SKE48 – 片想いFinally
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And we’re back! Wonder Festival Winter 2012 Report!

Just came back from Wonder Festival. It was an amazing experience. Here’s what I went through:

- I arrived an hour early (9AM) and the queue had already stretched around the building about 3/4 of the way.
- At 10AM, we slowly made our way into the building.
- At 10:30, I finally got inside :D
- I quickly lined up at the Gift store and as I did, the last of the bigger Miku plushies sold out.
- After my purchases, I lined up at the Good Smile Company’s queue. Five MASSIVE columns of people. After half an hour, the last of the Yuki Miku nendoroids sold out. Most of us were bummed out and left the line. It was very quiet from then on…
- Cosplayers galore. Continue reading

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Miku and Perfume Concerts in March

March looks to be a pretty decent month for electro music fans as Miku Hatsune and Perfume will perfume perform at two separate events, both in Tokyo.
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GoodSmile Company’s Most Popular Figurines of 2010

GoodSmile Company's most popular figurines of 2010
Mikatan from GoodSmile Company‘s final 2010 blog post revealed the most popular figurines for 2010. The following were the top five contenders.
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Upcoming Game Releases Weeks 2-3

Upcoming Game Releases Weeks 2-3

Not the greatest couple of weeks for game releases but not bad either. The main point of interest would have to be Arcana Heart 3 which goes on sale in a week’s time. Be sure to check it out!
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45-Year-Old Man Arrested For 1000s of Videos of Women’s Underwear

News: 45-Year-Old Man Arrested For 1000s of Videos of Women's Underwear

Ehime prefectural police nabbed company employee, Yuuzi Maekawa (45), on suspicion of filming up women’s skirts after finding a remote-controlled video camera intended for such purposes. He was arrested for violation of the prefectural nuisance prevention ordinance, specifically for voyeurism.
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Anime Winter Schedule 2011

After what was a fantastic Autumn season of anime to conclude 2010, it’s nice to see a bit more variety and far less zany comedy coming during the Winter season of 2011. Hit the jump to see which series are airing as well as details on where to find more info.
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Upcoming J-Pop Releases Week 2

Upcoming J-Pop Releases Week 2

Next week’s J-Pop release list looks pretty hectic. And it’s a great way to welcome the New Year!
Lists will be in Artist – Title [Media Type] format and whilst this is not an exhaustive list, I’ve emphasized releases with tremendous potential.
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Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year 2011 and welcome to Mango Japan!

I’m kinda new to the whole blog/info world but I hope we can get along. My goal for this site is to promote news and to keep you all informed about the latest from Japan.

If there is anything that you think I should add or change, please let me know!

Feel free to browse around once more content is added and enjoy your stay!

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